How long can you stay in Dubai if you own a property?

How long can you stay in Dubai if you own a property?

Dubai is a popular destination for individuals looking to invest in property. The city offers a vibrant lifestyle, luxurious amenities, and a booming real estate market. However, if you own a property in Dubai, you might be wondering about the duration of your stay. In this article, we will explore the rules and regulations governing the length of stay for property owners in Dubai.

Residency Visa

As a property owner in Dubai, you are eligible to apply for a residency visa. The residency visa allows you to stay in Dubai for a longer period of time compared to a tourist visa. The duration of the residency visa varies depending on the type of property you own:

1. Property Owners

If you own a property in Dubai, you can apply for a residency visa for yourself, your spouse, and children below the age of 18. The residency visa is valid for two years and can be renewed as long as you retain ownership of the property.

2. Property Investors

If you have invested a significant amount in property in Dubai, you may be eligible for a long-term residency visa. The government of Dubai introduced the “Golden Visa” scheme, which allows certain investors to obtain a residency visa for 5 or 10 years. This scheme is subject to specific criteria and requirements, including the value of the property investment.

Property Ownership

How long can you stay in Dubai if you own a property?

Owning property in Dubai does not automatically grant you the right to reside in the country indefinitely. You are required to renew your residency visa periodically and fulfill certain obligations as a property owner:

1. Active Property Ownership

To maintain your residency visa, you must provide evidence of active property ownership. This includes utility bills, title deeds, and property maintenance documents. Failure to demonstrate active property ownership may result in visa cancellation.

2. Mortgage and Loan Considerations

If you have financed your property through a mortgage or loan, it is essential to keep up with your repayments. Defaulting on your payments can lead to legal issues and may impact your residency status in Dubai.

As a property owner in Dubai, you can enjoy an extended stay through a residency visa. The duration of your stay depends on the type of property you own, ranging from two years for regular property owners to 5 or 10 years for significant investors. It is important to fulfill your obligations as a property owner and maintain active property ownership to retain your residency visa. Dubai offers a thriving real estate market and a range of opportunities for property owners to make the most of their investment.

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